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All about the Scheduler main features

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The Scheduler app is here to help you plan your Social Media content! 😎

Create and schedule your content directly in the calendar, share it with your team, and discuss and let ZoomSphere publish it for your or send you a mobile notification when your post needs to get published.

Supported platforms and types of posts






Image post

Image post

Image post

Image post

Video post

Text / Link post


Text / Link post

Text / Link post

Video / GIF post


Video / GIF post

Video / GIF post

Photo album



Dark Post

Scheduler Explained:


β†’ Automatic

β†’ Manual – via ZoomSphere mobile app

β†’ Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts are all automatically published. πŸ’‘

Instagram / TikTok Posts

Automatic Publishing

Manual via ZS mobile app

Image Post






Reels / TikTok post






Key Features:

1. Statuses & Publishing Flow

Every post must have a status reflecting your current planning and publishing stage.

The Scheduler app comes with a set of default statuses that can be assigned manually to your posts (these can be customized, too).

  • Private Draft

  • In Progress

  • Needs Review

  • Approved



Besides those, we have two system statuses that can't be deleted or changed.

  • Published – is assigned to a post once automatically published to your social media.

  • Error – is assigned in case of any issue with the automatic publication.

Learn more about statuses.

2. Sending & Approving posts via Chat

The fastest and most effective way to view & approve posts. Send your posts in bulk or one by one directly to your client as a direct message or share them in a group chat.

Learn more about sharing posts to chat

3. Tasks

Create & assign simple daily tasks to your internal team or a specific teammate and mark it off when completed. βœ…

Learn all about the tasks below

4. Quick Notes

This feature enables you to create notes for multiple days by date range, allowing you to visualize your agenda with color-coded stripes in your calendar seamlessly.

5. Templates & Hashtags

With hashtag suggestions, you can find the right hashtags for your field or industry. At the same time, you will see the "size" of the hashtag – how many times it was used in a post on Instagram.

Learn more about Hashtag Suggestions and Templates

6. Public Holidays

It lets you track all public holidays directly in your calendar. πŸ˜‰

More about Public Holidays below

7. Image Editor

You can edit your images right in the Scheduler app while working on your post.

  • Crop your photos fast & easily with presets.

  • Apply filters to your photos.

  • Rotate, Clip and Zoom your images.

Learn more about the Image Editor

8. Idea Post

Ideas posts are a great tool to quickly share notes and plans for a content plan across your team.

You can move them around the calendar as a regular post – drag & drop it.

Learn more about Idea post

9. Instagram Feed

A great feature – you can plan content visually!

You can choose what you see on the Feed because you can select the Statuses that will be visible there.

Learn more about Instagram Feed

10. Post History

It allows you to keep a visual track of all post changes.

Discover the power of Post history here πŸ‘‡

Should you have any questions, let us know via the ZoomSphere app. ✍️

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