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Scheduler: YouTube Shorts

Learn everything there is to know about scheduling and publishing YouTube Shorts in ZoomSphere!

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YouTube Shorts is a way for anyone to turn an idea into a chance to connect with new audiences anywhere in the world. Create and schedule your Shorts directly in ZoomSphere with ease!

Plus, YouTube Shorts are compatible with TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram Reels, meaning you can create a "combo" short video post for all platforms and share them at once to save time!

Scheduler Set Up

To create YouTube Shorts, first, ensure your YouTube channel is connected to your Scheduler app / Data Sources. (This settings can access the App owner only)

Click here to learn how to connect a YouTube channel to your ZoomSphere account.

Creating YouTube Shorts

When creating a YouTube Short post, select your YouTube channel in the sources, select the post type "Short Video," and upload your video.

Once you upload your video file, set up the Shorts Settings:

  1. Audience: Choose for whom your content is made for

    • No, It's not Made for Kids  

    • Yes, It's Made for Kids

  2. Visibility: Select one of the following

    • Public – Everyone can watch your video

    • Private – Only you and the people whom you choose can watch your video

    • Unlisted – Anyone with the video link can watch your video

  3. Video Title: Add a title up to 100 characters long that describes your video content

  4. Description: Add up to 5 000 characters long copy to describe your video content


Choose how you wish to publish your Shorts - Automatically or Manually via ZoomSphere mobile app.

Add an internal label and tags to categorize your post in the Scheduler app. Schedule the publication date and time, assign a status, and save it to Scheduler, Unscheduled Queue, or publish it immediately with the "Publish now" button.

Or choose the Manual publishing and get a phone notification when it's time to publish. 👉 Learn more

Combo Short Video

With ZoomSphere, you can also save time and create a "combo" short video, allowing you to schedule one video for 4 different platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok – at once! 😎

To do that, simply select your channels as a source and copy the content by clicking the "Copy from" button.

Video Specifications for Automatic Publishing

In order for ZoomSphere to publish your Shorts automatically at the scheduled time, your video file needs to meet the supported format.

Video format: MP4, WebM or MOV

Video Duration: 3 seconds to 60 seconds

Aspect Ratio: 9:16 (recommended).
💡 If your video has a different aspect ratio, the player will automatically change to the ideal size to match your video and the viewer’s device. For some video and device aspect ratios, like 9:16 vertical videos on computer browsers, YouTube may add more padding for optimal viewing. The padding is white by default and dark gray when the Dark theme is turned on. 💡

Note: In 2022, YouTube started removing support for playback at resolutions between 4K and 8K. For example, YouTube may no longer support playback at 5K.

If exceeded the Automatic publishing will be disabled, and the Manual via ZoomSphere mobile app enabled instead. 💡

Video Cover

At this moment, it is not possible to set up a video cover for Shorts due to API limitations. Therefore, it is not possible to configure it in ZoomSphere. However, if you wish to select a video cover, choose manual publishing and set a video cover directly on YouTube.


Unavailable. Coming soon.

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