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Scheduler: Unscheduled Queue

A dynamic functionality designed to simplify content creation and scheduling

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The Unscheduled Queue (UQ) is a dynamic functionality designed to simplify content creation and scheduling.

β†’ It is a shared space for your unscheduled posts and ideas (without specified date and time) and it is accessible to all users with Scheduler access. However, what each user sees in this queue varies depending on their Scheduler Role and the post Status settings. πŸ’‘

With UQ, you can effortlessly create and save posts or ideas for future use. Whether it's content without a specified publication date or posts intended for multiple uses across various campaigns, the Unscheduled Queue offers a solution that fits every need.

Unscheduled Queue allows you to:

  • Stock up on evergreen posts for future use!

  • Duplicate and republish previously successful posts.

  • Get your posts ready, even if you don’t know their publication date yet.

  • Store your frequently used ideas.

How to:

To create posts from within the Unscheduled Queue, simply access your UQ by clicking the "folder" icon at the top of your calendar. Then click the red "plus" button at the top of the folder to create a new post.

Alternatively, you can create a new post in your calendar as usual and save it directly to the Unscheduled Queue by selecting the "Save to Unscheduled Queue" option.

Move or duplicate your posts to the Unsqueduled Queue (UQ) or create unscheduled posts directly from within!

1. Moving posts to the Unscheduled Queue

To move already created posts, you can either use "drag and drop" or select "Move to Unscheduled Queue" from the action menu. The post will then be moved to the folder with its currently assigned status.

Please note that it's not possible to move posts with the Approved status.πŸ’‘

2. Duplicating posts to the Unscheduled Queue

The post will be duplicated with the Private draft status and will only be visible to its author, following the default Private draft status settings. To make it visible for the rest of your team, you'll need to change the status from Private draft to another status.

3. Bulk actions β†’ Advanced Duplication

Move or duplicate your posts in bulk to save time! Click the "Select" icon from the top action bar, choose all the posts you wish to move/duplicate, and hit the red button "Bulk Actions" β†’ "Advanced Duplication" β†’ Select Destination: Unscheduled Queue β†’ and confirm by hitting "Duplicate."


To place your post back into your calendar, click the post to open it and then save it back to your Scheduler by hitting the "Save to Scheduler" button.

Or, simply "drag & drop" the post from the Unscheduled Queue folder to a specific day of your calendar, or click "Duplicate to today" from the action menu.

Tip: You can also replicate posts in the Queue by selecting "Duplicate to Unscheduled Queue" from the action menu. πŸ’‘ ☝️

Benefits of Unscheduled Queue

  1. Flexibility: Break free from rigid scheduling constraints

    The Unscheduled Queue allows you to create posts without assigning specific publication dates, providing the flexibility needed to adapt to evolving content strategies.

    In reality, you can save all your posts that do not have a specific date of release - for instance - planned events, new product releases, or your team just came up with too many great ideas and already fixed them into posts and yet still searching for the perfect date.

  2. Organization: Keep your content streamlined and easily accessible

    Say goodbye to scattered planning and hello to a centralized hub for all your unscheduled posts.

  3. Efficiency: Save time and effort with the UQ efficient content creation process

    Whether you're brainstorming ideas or preparing evergreen content, this feature simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on engaging your audience.

  4. Unlimited Storage

    Unlike other platforms, ZoomSphere's Unscheduled Queue has no limitations on the number of saved posts. Whether you're a prolific content creator or just getting started, you can store as many posts as you need without worrying about restrictions.


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