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Scheduler: Combo Story Post

Introducing Combo Story Posts: Planning Facebook and Instagram Stories all at once in a single post.

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When Facebook API released Facebook Stories, we couldn’t help but integrate this feature into ZoomSphere.

Adding this new post type for Facebook unlocks the Combo Story Post! This allows you to create Facebook and Instagram stories at the same time within a single post. You can create and schedule your stories without the hassle of duplicating and editing.

With Combo Story, you can create:

Creating Combo Story from scratch

Start by creating a new post in the Scheduler. Then, choose the Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts where you want to post your story.

Next, select "Story" as the post type.

Upload your content for Facebook, then scroll down and select the "Copy from Facebook" button located under the empty Instagram slot. This will duplicate your Facebook content for Instagram.

Finally, add labels and tags for better internal content categorization. You can then save the post to the Scheduler for an exact date and time, to the Unscheduled Queue for future use, or click the "Publish Now" button to make your post live immediately.

💡 Please note that Combo Story Post has only one publishing time for all platforms. If you wish to schedule your stories for different publishing times for each platform, please create separate posts.

Congratulation! You've just created a Combo Story Post! 🎉

Automatic Publishing

With Automatic Publishing, set the date and time for your post, change the status to Approved (depending on your status settings), and let ZoomSphere handle the rest. ZoomSphere will automatically publish your Stories at the scheduled time.

If you wish to publish your stories automatically, your images or videos must meet the necessary requirements of Facebook and Instagram. When any specification is exceeded, automatic publishing will be disabled. 💡

❗️ Stickers, gifs, text, and other similar elements are not supported through Automatic Publishing due to Facebook and Instagram API limitations. This restriction applies to all third-party tools.

If you wish to add stickers, text, music, gifs, and other fun elements to your Story, please select Manual Publishing. 👇🏼

Manual Publishing 📲

When setting the Manual Publishing option, please select a user responsible for publishing the post. When it's time to publish, this user will receive a push notification to their phone via the ZoomSphere Mobile App.

Tap the notification to open the post in the ZoomSphere Mobile App. Scroll down the post and tap the "Publish to Facebook” button to transfer the post to the native Facebook app.

The post files will be downloaded to your phone, and the post copy will be saved to your device's clipboard for easy pasting. Add fun elements and complete the publishing process as usual. ✔️

Return to the post in the ZoomSphere Mobile App, click the "Publish to Instagram” button, and repeat the process in the native Instagram app.

👉🏼 The post with the Manual publishing option switches into Published status in ZoomSphere regardless of whether the responsible user published it.

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