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Scheduler: Tags

Learn how tags can help you categorising content in Scheduler App

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Scheduler Tags help you keep your posts organized and easy to find. Whether you're tagging for specific products or broader categories like trends, pricing, and reviews, it keeps your Scheduler neat and your content at your fingertips.

Whether you prefer tags or labels (or both!), it's all about how you like to organize your posts.

When you're tagging your post, just start typing in the tag field. If the tag already exists, you'll get a helpful autocomplete suggestion. If not, type it out to create a new one.

Tags can be customized according to your needs in Master Account Settings โ€“ Workspace settings.

Filter by Tag

Once you save it, you can filter posts by tags to quickly find what you need.

Export by Tag

You can also export all the posts containing one tag to PDF or Excel for easy analysis and documentation.

Tag Settings

Accessing Workspace settings allows you to delete, merge, and edit existing tags or create new ones.

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