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Scheduler: Advanced Duplication

A Guide to ZoomSphere's Advanced Duplication Feature in the Scheduler App

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Managing multiple brands, platforms, and content calendars in today's fast-paced digital landscape can be daunting for social media managers. However, with ZoomSphere's Advanced Duplication feature, you can streamline your workflow and save valuable time. ⏰

Advanced Duplication Explained

This incredibly versatile feature allows you to duplicate posts across Workspaces, Schedulers, or even to different social media channels of the same platform.
It allows you to copy your posts and ideas to the same day, current day (today), custom date, or the Unscheduled Queue for future use. πŸ“†

Advanced Duplication allows you to:

  • Duplicate posts across Schedulers in various Workspaces!

  • Duplicate your posts in bulk into the Unscheduled Queue.

  • Duplicate posts and ideas in bulk.

  • Republish your top-performing content.

Bulk Duplication

To save time, duplicate your content in bulk. Enable the "Select" feature from the top of your calendar and choose which posts and ideas you wish to duplicate.

Once you have selected your content, click the "Bulk Actions" button at the top right corner and choose "Advanced Duplication."

Now, choose the destination! 🎯

​1. Destination Scheduler
Select one of your Workspaces If you wish to move your content to another Scheduler located in another Workspace.

If you just wish to duplicate content within the current Scheduler, skip to the next step.

2. Social Media Channels & Profiles Mapping

You can choose whether to keep the targeted social media channel/s or target another of your channels.

Please note that it is not possible to crosspost to different social media platforms. For instance, copying content from Instagram to TikTok, etc.

3. Status for Duplicated Posts

Select which status will be assigned to your posts upon duplication.

4. Choose Destination Duplication

Select where you want to place your content.

  • 'Same days': Content will be duplicated into the original date, retaining its original date & time.

  • 'Today': Content will be duplicated into the current day, maintaining its original date & time.

  • 'Unscheduled Queue': Content will be duplicated as unscheduled (no date & time) and placed into the Unscheduled Queue folder.

  • Or select date: Content will be duplicated into a custom day, retaining its original date & time.

5. Confirm & Duplicate

Confirm your duplication by clicking the red "Duplicate" button. βœ”οΈ

Individual Duplication

Select "Advanced Duplication" from the action menu (three dots icon) to duplicate your posts and ideas individually.

Advanced duplication is also available for content stored in the Unscheduled Queue. πŸ’‘

How can you use this feature?

  1. International Brands with Local Branches: The advanced duplication feature is invaluable for social media managers handling international brands with local branches. Users can duplicate posts to different Schedulers, ensuring tailored content reaches the appropriate audience in each region.

  2. Workspace Migration: The advanced duplication feature simplifies transitioning unpublished content from one workspace to another, allowing you to transfer entire content calendars and maintain consistency across platforms seamlessly.

  3. Cross-Platform Posting: Social media managers can leverage this feature to crosspost content across different social media accounts of the same platform, i.e., from one Facebook Page to another. This allows you to maximize your content reach and engagement by duplicating posts to various Schedulers.

  4. Republish your top-performing content: Imagine you in the past shared a post that received exceptional engagement from your audience. Whether it's a viral video, an insightful blog post, or a captivating image, this content has proven effective in driving traffic, sparking conversations, and generating leads.

    β†’ Utilize the Post-performance or the Analytics App to identify your top-performing content. Look for posts with high engagement rates, significant shares, and positive feedback from your audience.

    β†’ With the Advanced Duplication feature, effortlessly duplicate your top-performing content to various Schedulers or Workspaces.

    β†’ Strategically schedule republishing your top-performing content to capitalize on its success. Consider optimal posting times, audience demographics, and platform algorithms to maximize reach and engagement.
    β†’ Monitor the performance of republished content using the Analytics App or the Post-performance statistics in the Scheduler App. Track metrics such as impressions, clicks, shares, and engagement to gauge their impact and refine your content strategy accordingly.


Whether duplicating content for international brands, migrating workspaces, or planning monthly content calendars, this feature empowers social media managers to optimize their workflow and achieve tremendous success in their digital marketing efforts.

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