🎉 Instagram API newly supports the automatic publishing of Carousel posts. 🎉

AND new support for Video and Combo Carousel posts = video + image. 😎

But It can also be done manually via our ZoomSphere mobile app if you prefer. If so, jump to the end of the article to see the step-by-step guide. Although we see no reason for that. 😉

  1. Creating an Instagram carousel post

  2. Automatic publishing

  3. Manual publishing

Ready? Let's begin!

1. How to create an Instagram Carousel post

Select the Instagram account and choose the Single Image / Carousel Post type.
Upload as many images as you want by the Drag & Drop or the browse button.

Click the Show all images and change the order of images according to your needs.

You can delete a picture using the X icon or the Show all images button. ☝️

When you hover over the preview image, more icons will show up:

  • Upload more images,

  • View the original image,

  • Edit images in the Image Editor.

Double-check the image order of your carousel.

Type in the text and add some hashtags from the Templates & Hashtag feature.

⏰ Set the publishing date and time, tags, and labels, confirm the status, and hit the Save button.

The Carousel Manual label demonstrates the publishing mode💡

2. Automatic publishing of the Carousel post

💡 The post is set for Auto publishing by default. 🙂 So, you don't have to do anything. Just ⏰ set the publishing date and time, tags, and labels, confirm the status, and hit the Save button.

Auto-publishing only supports recommended image and video aspect ratio (information in each vacant post).

3. Manual publishing option via the ZoomSphere mobile app

When the time is ripe to publish your post, you will receive a ZoomSphere push notification to your mobile device. 🔔

Therefore please make sure you have downloaded our mobile app and enabled the Follow button in your Scheduler.

Click on the notification and finish publishing your carousel post! 🎉

Learn more about the manual publishing to Instagram HERE or watch the IG tutorial available inside ZoomSphere mobile app. 😎 👇

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our in-app chat or at support@zoomsphere.com. 💌

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