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Learn how to schedule & publish Instagram carousel posts in ZoomSphere

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Effortlessly create an Instagram Carousel post and schedule it for automatic publishing.

Alternatively, if you prefer a hands-on approach, you can manually publish it using our ZoomSphere mobile app. (If that's your preference, skip to the end of the article for a step-by-step guide—although, we see no reason for that. 😉)

How to create an Instagram Carousel post

Choose your Instagram account and select the Instagram Carousel type. Upload as many images as you want using either the Drag & Drop feature or the browse button.

Click "Show all images" and rearrange the order of images according to your preferences. 👇

To delete an image, simply click the X button. 👇

Hovering over the preview image reveals additional icons:

  • Upload multiple images

  • View the original image

  • Edit images in the Image Editor​

⏰ Configure the publishing date and time, include relevant tags and labels, confirm the status, and then press the Save button.

Automatic Publishing

When Automatic publishing enabled, your post will be automatically published at the scheduled time of your choice once you use the Approved status.

Auto-publishing only supports the recommended image and video aspect ratio, details for which are provided in each vacant post.

Manual Publishing via ZoomSphere Mobile App

When it's time to publish your post, you'll receive a ZoomSphere push notification on your mobile device. 🔔​

👉 Kindly assign the manual polish option to yourself or one of your teammates.

Tapping the notification will open your post directly in the ZoomSphere mobile app. Scroll down through the post, and click "Publish to Instagram."

The post images will be downloaded to your device, and the post copy will be saved to the clipboard.

Learn more about the manual & automatic publishing.

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