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Scheduler: Combo Short Video Post

Introducing Combo Short Video Posts: Planning Facebook and Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, and YouTube Shorts all at once in a single post.

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I’m sure you’ve already noticed, but ZoomSphere is amazing for scheduling short videos! Did you know you can create a Combo Short Video Post and schedule a video on multiple platforms within one post? It’s so much easier and faster!

With Combo Short Video Posts, you can schedule:

How to Create a Combo Short Video Post?

Begin by creating a new post in the Scheduler. Choose the social media channels where you want to publish your Combo Short Video Post and select a post type "Short Video."

Upload your video and add a description to the first post.

Then, move on to the next one and click the "Copy from" button (located below the empty post) to copy the content from the first post to the current one. Repeat this process for all channels.

When publishing YouTube Shorts, fill in the YouTube Video Title, Audience, and Visibility.

Next, add labels and tags for better internal content categorization. Then, schedule your post for a specific time, save to the Unscheduled Queue for future use, or publish it immediately using the "Publish Now" button.

💡 Please note that Combo Short Video Post has only one publishing time for all platforms. If you wish to schedule your short videos for different publishing times for each platform, please create separate posts.

Hooray! You’ve just created a Combo Short Video Post! 🎉

This way, you can create Short Video Posts that captivate audiences on different social platforms, optimizing your content's reach and impact!

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