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Each of your users needs to be assigned a Scheduler role in order to access Scheduler content. Without a role, the content stays hidden from the user. πŸ’‘

Scheduler Roles:

There are three Scheduler roles to choose from, each with different permissions.


β†’ Access to Discussion with client and Internal comments

β†’ Post-performance stats available

β†’ Enabled function Publish now


β†’ Access to Discussion with client and Internal comments

β†’ Post-performance stats available


β†’ Access to Discussion with client

β†’ Post-performance stats available


The Author role in Scheduler refers to the person who creates a post. Regardless of whether the user holds the Client, Editor, or Admin role, they are considered the Author of any post they create. This means they have specific permissions associated with the posts they generate, such as visibility and editing rights. Learn more

For example, if a post is in Private draft status, only the Author can see and edit it until its status is changed, ensuring control over the post's development and privacy.

Private draft status is supposed to be private and visible only to the post's author; however, you can always customize it. πŸ’‘

Roles and Statuses

Every role can be assigned Read/Write permissions for each status. If a teammate with a certain role has both Read and Write permissions for a particular status, they can view and edit a post in that status. Learn more

Read = View

Write = Edit


Roles are assigned to users for each social media channel connected to your Scheduler App.

πŸ’‘ Roles can be granted in the Master Account Settings β†’ Users & Team

Open Users & Team Settings and click the "Edit" icon located in the top right corner of the User's profile.

Navigate to the "Access & Roles" tab and click those social channels you want the user to have access to.
Then, choose a Scheduler role from the drop-down menu and click "Save."

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