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Scheduler: Customize your Statuses

Create your own statuses that work the best for your approval flow

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If the default statuses do not perfectly match your team approval flow, no worries, you can customize them or create new ones. πŸ˜‰

  • Only the Master account can create and edit Scheduler statuses

  • Status settings apply to the whole workspace

Status settings

Scroll down to the bottom of the Scheduler until you find the Status bar, and click the Edit icon.

Create New Status

Add name, edit permissions, set up the colors, and hit the Save settings.

Permissions & Roles

Every role can be assigned Read/Write permissions to each status. If a teammate with a certain role has both Read and Write permission for the particular status, they can view and edit a post in this status.

Read = View

Write = Edit

  • Owner – the user who created the post

  • Client – role based on user's settings for a given page

  • Editor – role based on the user's settings for a given page

  • Admin – role based on user's settings for a given page

Learn more about each role here.

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