If the default statuses do not perfectly match your team approval flow, no worries, you can customize them or create new ones. 😉

  • Only the Master account can create and edit Scheduler statuses

  • Status settings apply to the whole workspace

Status settings

Scroll down to the bottom of the Scheduler until you find the Status bar, and click the Edit icon.

1. Create a new status

Add name, edit permissions, set up the colors, and hit the Save settings.

Permissions & Roles

Every role can be assigned Read/Write permissions to each status. If a teammate with a certain role has both Read and Write permission for the particular status, they will be able to view and edit a post in this status.

Read = View

Write = Edit

  • Owner – the user who created the post

  • Client – role based on user's settings for a given page

  • Editor – role based on the user's settings for a given page

  • Admin – role based on user's settings for a given page

2. Enable the new status in your Scheduler

Go back to your Scheduler and open the app settings. 👇

Go to Data Sources and enable the new status and Save it.👇

Then the new status will appear on the Status bar and is ready to be used. 😉

Is anything not clear? Let us know anytime via our ZoomSphere chat. ✍️

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