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Scheduler: Approved Status

Your Key to Scheduled Post Precision

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In scheduled post publishing, the "Approved" status is crucial, ensuring that your content sees the light of day at its designated time. This status will publish your post at the scheduled time.

Here's a closer look at the significance of this status and how it shapes your publishing process.


You can rename the "Approved" status according to workflow preferences.

This flexibility can be accessed in the Master Account Workspace Settings/Scheduler Statuses, allowing for seamless integration with your unique content management approach.

Publish Function

What truly activates the magic of the "Approved" status is the enabled Publish function. By assigning the "Approved" status to a post, you set the stage for an automatic publication at the scheduled time to go live.

Status Settings

The Master account can switch the Publish function ON/OFF within the Status Settings.

If, for any reason, the Publish function is disabled, the post, even if it is assigned with "Approved" status, will remain unpublished.

In conclusion, the "Approved" status is more than just a green light for scheduled post-publication—it's a dynamic tool for customization and precision. By understanding its interplay with the Publish function and exercising control in the Status Settings, you harness the true potential of the "Approved" status in crafting a seamless and controlled publishing experience. 🙂

Tip: 💡

Approve multiple posts at once with the Bulk Action feature. 👉 Learn more

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