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Introducing the Error status in our Scheduler App – your ally in identifying issues with scheduled posts well before their intended publication. πŸ’ͺ

Here's how it works:

Facebook Page/ Instagram

If ZoomSphere loses connection with your Facebook page while planning and scheduling posts, those in Approved status are automatically marked in red Error status, accompanied by a relevant notification.

To resolve the issue, open the post review the detailed notification. πŸ‘‡

If the token has expired or for any other reason, go to your Master Account Settings/Social Media Channels, renew the connection of the affected page/profile, or check for additional information in the Settings.

Once the connection is restored, return to the post detail and hit "Try it again" to save it correctly in the Approved status or to publish it again.


The maximum scheduling length for Approved Facebook posts is 30 days. For posts scheduled beyond that, schedule them and Approve them later to avoid the Error notification.

Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok

  • Any post facing problems due to an expired token is marked with an Error status.

  • After resolving the issue and hitting "Try it again" in the post detail, your post is published immediately.

To maximize this new system status, set up email notifications to receive alerts whenever a post in your calendar enters the Error status.

Or install the ZoomSphere mobile app on your phone and get notified anytime and anywhere!

Feel free to contact our support team if you encounter any publishing errors you find challenging to resolve. ✍️

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