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Scheduler: Quick Tasks

Create & assign Quick tasks directly in the calendar

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Do you need to note that you have to pin a post on a specific day, reshare a post to another profile, set a page cover, organize profile highlights, or set aside time to engage with your fans? 🀩

Exactly for these purposes, we have extended the Scheduler with the possibility of writing down simple β˜‘οΈ tasks, which will make your social media management even more efficient. πŸ’ͺ


Say goodbye to chaotic planning. πŸ‘‹

Creating a Quick Task

Create a new Quick task as if you want to create a new post or idea.

Enter the task description. And assign a person responsible for the task execution, or keep it Unassigned if it is a team task. Then hit the Save button. All done! πŸ‘‡

Internal Team Only

If enabled, Internal team only, the task will only be visible to Teammates with Admin & Editor roles and hidden from the Client role.

Moving Tasks

Move tasks to a different day by drag & drop.

Completing A Task

When completed, don't forget to check it off. βœ”οΈ Only the author or the assigned person can do so. πŸ’‘

If you haven't created the task, nor is it assigned to you, you will not be able to make any edits. πŸ’‘

Removing a Task

Tap the three dots next to the task and click Remove. Only its author can remove the task.

Keep it Short

You should keep your Scheduler tasks short; each can be up to 160 characters long.

Best practices?

Find a few use cases below. πŸ‘‡

  • Pin posts to the profile

  • Repost Reel to YouTube Shorts

  • Edit the page cover picture

  • Fans Engagement Time

  • Send report to Client

  • Add a paid partnership label

  • Add to the guide

  • Tag products

  • Live Streaming

  • Do a Fundraiser on Instagram

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