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Scheduler: Post Author

Find out the author of the post πŸ”

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ZoomSphere's Scheduler just got even better with the new Post author feature! With this feature, you can stay organized and on top of your social media game. 😎

How to enable this feature?

To see the author of the post in the Scheduler, enable the Post author button in the calendar view settings.

Can the Author be changed?

Yes, everyone who has permission to edit posts can easily change the post author.

β†’ Click on the post to open it and change the post author in the header.

After changing the post author, don't forget to save the changes!

I can't change the author of the post. Why?

The reason why you can't change the author of the post is that the post is in some status you don't have permission to edit.
For example, your role is Editor, and the post is in status "In progress". The status "In progress" can be edited only by Admin and Editor can only see the post but can't edit it, Client can't see the post at all.

The status settings can be edited by the Master Account

Post Author Benefits:

1. Content management:

β†’ With the author post feature in Scheduler, content managers can easily identify who created a post and ensure that the right person is credited for their work.

2. Team collaboration

β†’ When working in a team, knowing who is responsible for each post is important. The author feature in Scheduler makes it easy to see who created a post and collaborate more effectively with team members.

3. Accountability

β†’ In some cases, tracking who created a post for accountability may be necessary. For example, if a post receives negative feedback, it may be important to know who created it to address any issues.

4. Performance analysis

β†’ By knowing who created a post, social media managers can analyze the performance of different team members and identify areas for improvement. This can help optimize content creation and improve overall social media strategy.

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