Scheduler: How to Create a Post

Creating a Post: A Step-by-Step Guide

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To create a new post, click the red Plus button in your calendar.

1. Post Source & Post type

Choose the social media channels for publication and select the post type. You can opt for multiple channels.

Post Types


Image posts, Animated GIF posts, Stories, Carousels (Multi-image/video posts), Instagram Reel / TikTok


Image/static GIF post, Text/link post, Video/Animated GIF post, Photo album – you can add photos to an existing album, Carousel post – How to create a Facebook Carousel Post, 360° image post


Image/static GIF post, Text/link post, Video/Animated GIF post


Instagram Reel / TikTok

2. Upload Picture/Video

Each post type and platform has specific file requirements for auto-publishing. Always verify if your file matches the requirements.

Note: If the file is invalid for auto-publishing, manually publish it via the ZoomSphere Mobile App.

3. Post Copy

Add saved copy from Hashtags & Templates, add location, emoji, or target your audience (Facebook/LinkedIn Pages only).

4. Publishing Mode

Automatic publishing - Schedule your post and use the Approved status. Then ZoomSphere will publish it for you. Learn more

Manual publishing - receive a mobile notification when it's time to publish your post. Then, you will publish your post manually via the ZoomSphere Mobile App. Learn more

5. Add Labels and Tags

Keep your posts organized and informative.

6. Schedule Time

Set the date and time for scheduled publishing or select the Publish Now option.

7. Post Status

Set the Status and hit the Save button. If you use the Approved status, your post will be automatically published (if Auto-publishing is enabled). Learn more 📖

That's it! You have created a post! 🎉

Note: The maximum length for scheduling Approved Facebook posts is 29 days due to the official META API limitations that apply to all third-party tools.


Simultaneous Posting​

→ Save time by creating and publishing one type of post to multiple social media platforms simultaneously!

→ Use the Copy from option to duplicate content from the first post.

Icons indicate the platforms for publication. 👇

Duplicating Posts

Tap three dots on your post miniature and click Duplicate to original/current day.

Image Editor

  • Edit images directly in the Scheduler app.

  • Crop photos with presets, apply filters, rotate, flip, and zoom.

  • Click on the Crop icon to edit uploaded images.

Learn more about the Scheduler's features.

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