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Having your own team chat brings up the fastest and most effective approval flow to your team collaboration.
Finally, the perfect place to discuss the overall social media strategy with your client and team. πŸ‘

From now, send posts for approval to your client via a direct message. Talk about monthly content in a Workspace chat, share ideas and files, create polls, or record voice messages in a group chat with other teammates. πŸ‘

Receive a phone notification whenever someone sends you a DM or mentions you in a group chat. πŸ””

ZoomSphere chat is fully supported in the ZoomSphere mobile app. πŸ’‘

Chat Types

  • Workspace Chat

  • Direct Message or Direct Room

  • Group Chat

1. Workspace Chat

It is available to any teammate with access to the particular workspace and linked to an existing workspace. It can be deleted along with the workspace. πŸ’‘

2. Direct Message or Direct Room

Send direct messages to teammates. Add more people to your direct message to create a direct room. πŸ’‘

3. Group chat

Choose a discussed topic, name your chat accordingly, and invite needed teammates. Teammates can leave the chat group.

Key Features

Post Preview

The fastest and most effective way to view & approve posts. Send your posts in bulk or one by one directly to your client as a direct message or share them in a group chat.

πŸ‘‰ To send posts in bulk, tap the Select posts icon in the top right corner of your calendar.

Bulk Actions

πŸ‘‰ Select the posts βœ”οΈyou wish to share in bulk, hit the red Bulk Actions button and select Send to chat.

πŸ‘‰ Choose your Teammate or any group chat/direct room, add a short (optional) message, and click Send to chat.

πŸ‘‰ To send a post individually, tap the three dots and hit Send to chat.

To open the post detail, simply tap the post preview. πŸ’‘


Create polls and let your team vote for the best result. 🀝

Mentions @

Mention your teammate in a message and get notified when mentioned.

πŸ‘‰ Type in @ and select a teammate you wish to mention. Or select @channel and notify everyone in the channel. πŸ””

Voice message

Send voice messages up to 2 minutes long.

Share Files And GIFS

Share images, videos, and files up to 70 MB per message. And express yourself with a funny GIF.

Emojis And Emoji Reactions

Respond to messages with a quick emoji reaction. πŸ‘

Edit or Delete

Edit or delete any of the messages you sent.

How to Create a New Chat Channel

The Master account can enable the "Creating chat channels" function for their teammates in the Users & Team settings β†’ Access & Roles.

Then, open ZoomSphere chat, click the red plus button and select the type of chat you wish to create.
πŸ‘‰ If you add more people to your direct message, you will create a direct room. πŸ’‘

Group Chat: Add / Remove Users

Only the Master account or the group chat owner can add and remove users via the channel settings. Users can leave the channel at any time.

Mute Channel

To pause receiving notifications from a specific channel, open the channel settings and enable the Mute Room function.


  • It allows you to discuss and plan your content and social media strategy in one place

  • The fastest client communication, which saves you time and money

  • The quickest & most effective way of approving scheduled posts

  • Allows you to create more quality content in less time

  • Simplifies a multi-client management

  • Improves remote/internal team communication

  • Allows you to comment & approve posts in bulk

  • And many more!

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