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Why You Should Work with ZoomSphere Chat
Why You Should Work with ZoomSphere Chat

Because it will make your life easier!

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Did you know that ZoomSphere has an integrated chat that's completely free for ZoomSphere users? And the best part is, this chat offers a wide range of features that make teamwork and communication a breeze.

Forget emails or Slack to get your content Client approved!

The Fastest Way to Get Your Content Approved

Simply select the posts in the Scheduler app and send them to the chat, where your client can immediately approve or comment on them. No need to send emails or communicate through Slack. In the Chat, you have everything in one place.


You can also edit your posts directly in your chat room.

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Plan your Social Media Strategy directly in ZoomSphere

ZoomSphere chat enables sending messages privately, in groups, or even across the entire workspace. This gives you the flexibility to customize communication based on your needs and the scope of the project.

β†’ The best place to talk about strategies is in the Workspace chat room. That means that in each workspace, you get to talk about something else with different people and clients.

β†’ Or you can create a Group chat where you invite only the chosen ones. πŸ˜‰

β†’ Use Direct messages if you need to speak with someone privately.

Sharing files and notes with your teammates in the chat allows you to quickly and easily share relevant information. But hold on, there is more!

Creating voting polls allow the whole team to participate in the strategy planning process. Each team member can express their opinions, fostering a sense of responsibility and involvement toward the common goal.

The voice recording feature simplifies communication, especially when we can't type long texts.

Emojis and gifs are a great way to express emotions and add a bit of fun to our messages.

Plus, ZoomSphere chat is fully supported on the mobile app, which means you can stay in touch with the Client and the Team and reply to messages anytime, anywhere. This is truly beneficial, especially for those of you who are often on the go.🚢

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