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What Is ZoomSphere?
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ZoomSphere is an all-in-one social media management platform that comprises seven individual and independent apps.

1. Social Media Scheduler

The Scheduler App is a real-post preview publishing calendar compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. Publish your posts automatically and save you tons of time!

Use many handy features, including Templates & Hashtags Suggestions, Image Editor, Post History, Post Statuses, Idea posts, or Instagram Feed Preview. Discuss the post content with your clients or team, and more. πŸ™‚ Learn more

2. Community Management

Gather up all your community channels in one place. Manage comments, replies, DMs, mentions, tweets, and reviews. Assign messages to your team, and set up rules to automatically archive your inbox. Use labels and tags to monitor the sentiment and more. Learn more

3. Social Media Analytics

More than 150 metrics for social media platforms to gain deep knowledge about the brand's or company's data. Graphs can be sent to the Report Builder. Reports are

updated automatically based on preferences (month/week/day). Simple categorization, labels, and tags. Easy data exports. Learn more


4. Social Media Benchmarking

Keep an eye on your closest competitors and trends in the whole business segment. Benchmarking app allows you to analyze data to discover which content performs best for your sector and brings you or your competitors the highest engagement. Enjoy a side-by-side comparison. Filter all your competitors by brands, content type, or social

media platform. Learn more

5. Workflow Manager

Create, plan, organize, and finish all your tasks in one place. Workflow Manager allows you to organize, delegate, and process the work within your team or across multiple departments.

Keep a good track of every activity within your team. Set deadlines, label tasks, assign, filter through tasks, and more. Learn more

6. Leads Manager

Collect Facebook and Instagram leads from Lead Ads. Store all gathered contacts from your forms in one place, filter, export, and assign them to your team for the best possible results.

Distribute the leads among your team, assign different statuses to mark a stage in your workflow, and export the data for easy follow-ups. Learn more

7. Notes

Whenever you need to write something down, the Notes app is here. And it's free of charge! It's an app with unlimited possibilities. And it's for free! Learn more

ZoomSphere Mobile App

Create and schedule content for your social media platforms anytime and anywhere.

Chat with your teammates or discuss marketing strategies with your clients. Plus, sending posts or approval has never been more easy and quick! Learn more

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