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Everything you need to know about the Scheduler Ideas

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The Idea post allows you to quickly write down your post concepts in a couple of clicks, and later, you can turn this Idea post into a standard post.

​Ideas are a great tool to quickly share notes and plans for a content plan across your team. You can move them around the calendar as a regular post – drag & drop it.

How to create an Idea post

Click on the plus button in the calendar and select "Idea."

Select the social media profile related to the Idea post (multi-selection is supported). Insert your caption, add labels + emojis (if needed), and Save it.

You can quickly turn the Idea into a post by clicking on the Create Post button when the time is right. Then, your Idea content will be visible as a Post Brief.


The Master account can edit ideas visibility the same way as post statuses in the Status settings/Workspace Settings or via the Status bar located on the bottom of your Scheduler app. πŸ˜‰

To learn more about status settings, click here.

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