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Master Account Settings
Master Account Settings

All you need to know about the Master Account settings

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Master Account: Initial SettingsStep by step guide to your Master Account settings.
Master Account: How Can I share my Master Account with other people?A tip for sharing Master Account with other people
Master Account: How to Connect Facebook Page to ZoomSphereEverything you need to know about connecting Facebook Page
Master Account: How to invite a new user to your teamLearn how to invite new people to your team
Master Account: How to Add Facebook and Instagram ProfilesAdd all of your Facebook and Instagram accounts to ZoomSphere
Master Account: How to Change Account of Your Facebook PageA short manual on how to link your Facebook Page to someone else's profile
Master Account: Add Social Media Profiles to ZoomSphereAdd all your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube profiles to ZoomSphere
Missing Permissions & Facebook RolesWhat to do when there are permissions or roles for ZoomSphere missing on Facebook
Master Account: How to change emailDo you need to change an email to your Master Account? This is how it can be done. 🙂
Master Account: How to delete a user from your accountDelete a user and do not lose any data.
New Master Account: Step-by-StepSetup guide for new Master account owners