Missing Permissions & Facebook Roles

What to do when there are permissions or roles for ZoomSphere missing on Facebook

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In the Master Settings β€” Social media channels, the Master Account can see the information on which task access and permissions are missing for each Facebook Page, indicating that something might not be functioning properly. πŸ‘‡

The information detail will appear if you hover over the question mark icon. You will instantly know what task access you are missing on this Facebook Page.

🟠 Missing permissions: informing you of missing Facebook task access for your ZoomSphere apps. ☝️


πŸ”΄ Refresh connection: informing you that something is wrong, e.g., the connection between ZoomSphere and Facebook Page has been interrupted and needs fixing.

Each Facebook page is linked to a Facebook Account that needs to have required managing access. Therefore, always look at what Facebook Account your Facebook Page is connected to, e.g., "Connected to account: Facebook Account name." The owner of this Facebook Account can fix the connection.

1. Missing Facebook Task Access

Users can have different roles on Facebook when managing pages, and they don't have the same level of access to all features in ZoomSphere.

Before the New Page Experience, you had the Admin or Editor role for each specific Facebook page in order to connect them to ZoomSphere. Now, it's called Facebook Access full control or Facebook partial access.

Always check your Facebook access directly in the Page settings / Page access or People settings in the Business Suite Settings.

πŸ’‘ If you want to use ZoomSphere to its full potential, we recommend having Facebook Access full control, but you can also have another access depending on each ZoomSphere App. πŸ‘‡

ZoomSphere App

Required Facebook Task Access


Permissions, Content, Ads, Insights

Analytics / Benchmarking


Leads Manager

Permissions, Content, Ads

Community Manager

Community activity, Messages and calls

Fix πŸ› 

β†’ Click here to manage your roles, or Switch to your Page and click Manage – Page Access.

β†’ If you do not have these permissions, you need to obtain them from your Page Owner or someone with Full Control.

β†’ Once you have the required permissions, go back to ZoomSphere and refresh your FB profile according to this article Facebook: Necessary Permissions for ZoomSphere.

2. Missing Facebook Permissions

Since ZoomSphere is a third-party app, you need to grant ZoomSphere permission to manage your Facebook Page and Instagram directly in your personal Facebook Account Settings – Business Integrations.

If permission is missing, your FB Page will be orange-colored in Settings. Hover over the question mark icon to see which permission you are missing. πŸ‘‡


pages_manage_posts = ZoomSphere doesn't have permission from you through Facebook to manage posts and publish (Scheduler)

Fix πŸ› 

β†’ Open this link, or go to your personal Facebook Account (ensure you are not switched into your Page) β†’ Settings & Privacy β†’ Business Integrations, find ZoomSphere integration, click View and Edit.

And ensure every permission is enabled. πŸ‘‡ Then proceed by clicking Done.

β†’Then go back to ZoomSphere and refresh your Facebook Page by clicking "Refresh connection" to load the changes. πŸ‘‡

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