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How to Connect Instagram Professional Account to ZoomSphere
How to Connect Instagram Professional Account to ZoomSphere

Quick step by step guide to help you successfully connect an Instagram account to ZoomSphere.

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To connect an Instagram account, go to Master Account settings and hit the Add Instagram account button:

To connect your Instagram account, ensure your account meets these conditions:

  1. Instagram Professional Account (Business or Creator) ✅

  2. Instagram account is successfully connected to the Facebook Page you manage as Admin/Editor or have Facebook Access full control

  3. Business Integration enabled for ZoomSphere ✅

  4. Two-factor authentication is set accordingly ✅

1. Instagram Professional Account enabled ✅

Instagram account needs to be in a professional mode – Creator or Business.

  • If your account is a Personal type of account, you can just switch it to the professional one.

  • Go to your Instagram account and click on the menu Settings and privacy Account type and tools Switch to professional account. Then choose Set as Business or Creator Account Switch → Done

2. Instagram Account is connected to a Facebook Page ✅

Your Instagram account must be linked with a Facebook page you manage as Admin or Editor or have Facebook Access full control. If your Instagram Account does not have a Facebook Page, you can create a private page (not a public one) and use it for connection purposes only. 💡

  • Switch to your Page and go to Manage LinkedIn accountsInstagram

  • Facebook Access full control 👇

💡 Possible Connection Fail

  • If you see a grey message with a blue button, Review Connection, that means the connection has failed and needs to be renewed. A person with a Full Access role or the Page Owner can only do this action. 👇

3. Facebook Business Integrations ✅

Please enable ZoomSphere to manage your Instagram account in your personal Facebook account Business Integration settings.

  • Open this link or go to your Facebook Account — Settings & Privacy — Settings — Business Integrations (left panel), find ZoomSphere integration, click View and Edit, and ensure every permission is enabled. 👇

4. Two-factor authentication enabled ✅

If the administrator of your Page requires two-factor authentication, it needs to be set up on your personal Facebook profile as well, as you manage the Facebook page linked with your Instagram account. 🙂 You can read more on this topic here.

Don't forget to Refresh

After each change in the Facebook settings (page roles, connecting an Instagram account to a Facebook page, etc.), refresh your FB account in ZoomSphere to reload all the changes. 💡

If you meet all these requirements given by Instagram and Facebook, your Instagram account should appear on the list. 😊

💡 Sometimes, even if all conditions are met, the account is not visible to you and hence cannot be added to ZoomSphere. If this happens to you, continue here:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or on our email 🙂


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