Have you tried to connect an Instagram account to ZoomSphere, but there are no items to add?

Here is a step by step guide to help you connect your Instagram account to ZoomSphere. If you weren't able to connect it, it probably doesn't meet all requirements given by Instagram.

1. Make sure ALL the necessary conditions from Instagram are met

🔴 Instagram account needs to be in a business mode (please make sure it is a Business account, NOT a Creator account)

  • You can see this in the native Instagram mobile app:

    Settings — Account — Switch account type

  • If you see only personal and creator options, it means the Instagram account is correctly set as Business. If not, switch to a business account.

🔴 Instagram account needs to be linked with a Facebook page that you manage

  • you have to check here: FB Page — Page Settings — Instagram

🔴 If you see a Review Account Connection notice on this page, you have to review the connection. If you successfully do it, go to ZoomSphere Settings and refresh your personal FB account.

🔴 You have admin or editor permissions for a given page:

  • FB Page — Page Settings — Page Roles

🔴 If the administrator of your page requires two-factor authentication, it needs to be set up at your personal Facebook profile as well, as you manage the Facebook page linked with your Instagram account. 🙂 You can read more on this topic here.

After each change in the Facebook settings (pages rights, connecting Instagram account to a Facebook page etc.), you have to refresh your personal FB account in ZoomSphere to reload all the changes.

2. Check your permissions

ZoomSphere Settings — Social profiles — the Refresh icon.

It takes you to Facebook where you can see one of these screens:

Then, select and turn on all the permissions and check that all your businesses (Pages) are selected as well – maybe here you can finally see the Instagram account.

3. Still don't see the Instagram account? Try this:

Go to Business Integrations settings on Facebook (just click this link).

Tick the box and click Remove.

Do the same as you see on this picture and confirm by clicking Remove.

❗️ Then go back to ZoomSphere and Refresh your Facebook personal account again — and select all the permissions you give to ZoomSphere (if you don't, it cannot work properly) and also make sure that all your businesses (Pages) are selected as well. Maybe you finally see the Instagram account there? 🙂

If not, go back to ZoomSphere: Settings — Social profiles — Instagram — Add Instagram account and try to add it again. Now it should finally work if everything is set up correctly.

We hope this will help you! We are sorry that this process is not simpler, but unfortunately, there is nothing really simple and clear about Facebook. 😌

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or on our email support@zoomsphere.com 🙂


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