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I cannot add an Instagram account to ZoomSphere, why?
I cannot add an Instagram account to ZoomSphere, why?

Having troubles adding an Instagram account to ZoomSphere

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Have you tried to connect an Instagram account to ZoomSphere, but there are no items to add?

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you connect your Instagram account to ZoomSphere. If you can't connect it, it doesn't meet all the requirements given by Instagram.

Please ensure your Instagram Account matches all the mentioned below:

  1. Instagram Professional enabled ✔️

    →The Instagram account is set as a Professional Account (Business or Creator)

  2. Instagram Professional Account is linked to a Facebook Page ✔️

    → The Instagram account is successfully linked to a Facebook Page.

    Sometimes, the connection between FB and IG fails and needs to be renewed. (Facebook Page Settings / Instagram) Only Admin or the Page owner can do so. 💡

  3. Admin or Facebook Access Full Control Access ✔️

    → You manage the Facebook Page as Admin or have the Facebook Access Full Control (New Page Experience FB Page), which is already connected to ZoomSphere.

    Classic Facebook Page

    New Page Experience

  4. Two-Factor Authentication ✔️

    → If the Admin of your Page requires two-factor authentication, it needs to be set up on your personal Facebook profile as well, as you manage the Facebook page linked with your Instagram account. 😊 You can read more on this topic here.

  5. Business Suite ✔️

    → If you manage your assets in the Business Suite, ensure the Instagram Account and Facebook page are connected to the same Business Account.

  6. Business Integrations enabled ✔️

    → Ensure that you allow ZoomSphere to access this Facebook Page in the Facebook Business Integrations in your Personal Facebook Account Settings. 👉 This link will take you there.

    → Find the ZoomSphere integration, click View and edit, and double-check that every single permission is enabled for ZoomSphere. 👇 Then Save the changes.

    → Then, go back to ZoomSphere and refresh your Facebook Account in the Social profiles Settings, and try to add the new Page again. It should work. 😉

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or on our email 🙂

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