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Learn what Facebook task access you need to have for your Page in order for ZoomSphere to work correctly

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To connect and manage your Facebook Page and Instagram account in ZoomSphere, please ensure you have the necessary access enabled for your Page directly on Facebook.

Each ZoomSphere App requires a certain task access, and without it, the App will not function properly due to Facebook/Instagram API limitations. πŸ’‘

ZoomSphere App

Required Facebook Task Access


Permissions, Content, Ads, Insights

Analytics / Benchmarking


Leads Manager

Permissions, Content, Ads

Community Manager

Community activity, Messages and calls

Facebook Task Access

You can always double-check your task access in the Page Settings / Page access. To do that, ensure you switch to your Page first and then click "Manage."

You can also see your access tasks in the People settings in your Business Suite Settings.

If you do not have all the necessary access tasks, kindly request them from your Page Owner. πŸ’‘

Do you have any questions? Let us know via our in-app support chat! ✍️

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