Are you trying to connect the new Facebook page to your account, but it does not appear in the list, yet you do have the necessary Admin or Editor page role?

📌 The reason is that this Page is not permitted for ZoomSphere, and you need to change that. 😉

Please double-check that you have the Admin or Editor page role for that particular Facebook page you are trying to connect.

If you do, and the Page is not appearing in the list, please follow these steps:

Click on your Facebook account "refresh" icon, and you will get redirected to the Facebook website. However, instead of Continue as, please click Edit settings. 👇

Then select all the profiles you wish to work with in ZoomSphere (1., and 2.). And ensure that all the permissions are enabled ( 3.). ✅

1. Instagram Business accounts

2. Facebook Pages
3. Permissions

Once you finish this process, try to connect the profile again. It should work. 😉

I cannot access this setting. What can I do?

📌If you cannot get redirected to the Facebook page and proceed with the steps above, do not worry; you can access these settings directly from your Facebook account Settings/Business Integrations. 👉 This link will take you there. 😊

Click the View and edit, and follow the same steps as mentioned earlier. 😉
Once you finish the process, go back to ZoomSphere settings, and connect your profiles. It should be successful this time. 🤞

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or send us an email at 🙂

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