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I cannot add a Facebook Page. Why?
I cannot add a Facebook Page. Why?

Trying to add a FB page but "There are no items to add"?

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To connect your Facebook Page, ensure to meet these criteria:

  1. You have at least Content Access or Full Control over the Facebook Page ✅

  2. Business Integration enabled for ZoomSphere ✅

  3. Two-factor authentication is set accordingly ✅

1. Facebook Page Access ✅

First, ensure you have at least Content task access or Full control access over the Facebook Page you wish to connect to ZoomSphere.

💡 If you have a minor role or access, you will be unable to connect your Facebook Page to ZoomSphere due to official Facebook limitations that apply to third-party tools.

👉 Always check your Facebook access directly in the Page settings / Page access or People settings in the Business Suite Settings. 👇

💡 If you want to use ZoomSphere to its full potential, we recommend having Facebook Access Full control, but you can also have another access depending on each ZoomSphere App. 👇

ZoomSphere App

Required Facebook Task Access


Permissions, Content, Ads, Insights

Analytics / Benchmarking


Leads Manager

Permissions, Content, Ads

Community Manager

Community activity, Messages and calls

2. Business Integrations ✅

Ensure your Facebook Page is enabled for ZoomSphere in the Business Integrations of your Facebook account.

3. Two-factor authentication

Make sure you've enabled Two-Factor Authentication if your Facebook Page requires it. Facebook now typically requires 2FA by default when managing a Page with a larger number of Fans/Followers. 💡

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