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Expired Access Token: How to Reconnect Your Social Media Channels πŸ’‘
Expired Access Token: How to Reconnect Your Social Media Channels πŸ’‘

Having trouble with any of your Apps? This is probably why - learn to reconnect your social media profiles.

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If you are wondering why your Analytics App does not show any data, why your Scheduler does not publish your recent posts, or why new comments are not being shown in your Community Management App – an expired Access Token can be the answer to these issues.

What is an Access Token?

Imagine Access Tokens like a puzzle that connects together ZoomSphere and your social media profile (Facebook page, Twitter page, etc.). Data exchange happens through these puzzles, such as retrieving analytics data, syncing customers' comments, and publishing posts from ZoomSphere.

As you probably already guessed, these puzzles are vital for the correct functioning of all modules in your ZoomSphere account.

Can an Access Token expire? Yes.

πŸ‘‰ When you connect your social media channel to your ZoomSphere account, you automatically grant our application access to retrieve data from your social media profile – the Access Token is active.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee it will stay this way the whole time you are managing your social media with ZoomSphere.

πŸ’‘ Access Token expires every time you make some change in your social media profile settings (e.g. password change). What has been occurring lately more often is that the Token expires automatically after some time. This action is prompted by the native social media platform (Facebook, Twitter) in order to protect your data.

How to recognize when your channels need to be reconnected?

  • ZoomSphere shows an error message talking about a lost connection or token πŸ˜‰

  • Analytics App shows an empty dashboard

  • New comments are not shown in your queue of Community Management App

  • The Scheduler app does not publish planned content

If any of these situations occur, check the main Settings of your Master Account β€” Social profiles β€” Social accounts.

If you see the orange error message and any of your pages are in a red frame, then you know those are the pages you need to reconnect to renew the data exchange.

How to reconnect your social media profileΒ 

Each Access Token is linked to the personal profile, which means if it expires, all social media channels linked from this profile will lose connection, too.Β 

To reconnect, follow these steps :

  1. Log into your ZoomSphere Master Account (regular accounts don't have access to these settings)

  2. Go to the Settings – Social Profiles

  3. Check which social profile needs to be renewed (they are in the red frame)

  4. Log into the same social profile in your Internet browser, too

  5. Click on the Refresh icon on the right side of the social profile

  6. All disconnected channels linked from this social profile will be automatically reconnected

If you have multiple personal profiles with an expired Access Token, repeat these steps for all of them.

β†’The connection is renewed when none of your pages are red. βœ…

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or on our email πŸ™‚


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