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My Analytics App shows no data. How can I fix it?
My Analytics App shows no data. How can I fix it?

Having trouble with your Analytics Apps? This is probably why you should learn to reconnect your social media channels

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If you are wondering why your Analytics App does not show any data, an expired Access Token can be the answer to this issue.

πŸ‘‰ When you connect your social media channel to your ZoomSphere account, you automatically grant our application access to retrieve data from your social media profile – the Access Token is active.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee it will stay this way the whole time you are managing your social media with ZoomSphere. Access Token may expire when making changes in your social media profile settings.

How to reconnect your social media channel

Each Access Token is linked to the personal account, which means if it expires, all social media channels linked from this profile will lose connection, too.

To reconnect, follow these steps :

  1. Log into your ZoomSphere Master Account (regular user accounts don't have access to these settings).

  2. Go to the Settings – Social media channels.

  3. Check which social channel needs to be renewed (indicated in red frame).

  4. Log into the same channel in your Internet browser, too.

  5. Click on the "Refresh connection" under the three dots on the right side of the social channel.

  6. All disconnected channels linked from this social channel will be automatically reconnected.

Once the connection is restored, the data from your page will become available again. βœ…

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