How to Delete a User Account

A short manual on how to delete user account from ZoomSphere

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Deleting your user account

Users can permanently delete their ZoomSphere accounts through the Profile Settings by clicking "Delete account" at the bottom left of the screen.

Upon selecting this option, users are required to enter their password and confirm the deletion by clicking "Yes, delete account".

πŸ’‘ Upon successful deletion, a notification reading "User left the team" will be visible in the Master Account Settings/Users & Team section.

Deleting someone else's user account

πŸ‘‡πŸΌ Master Account needed.

User accounts can be deleted in Master Account Settings/Users & Team by Master Account by clicking the bin icon.

In case the removed user owns any data (for example, Apps or Posts in the Scheduler App), you will be asked to select a user in your team to transfer all of the removed user's data, or you can transfer the data on Master Account (default option) to prevent any loss.

Then click on "Confirm".

Once your account is deleted from ZoomSphere, you can use the email for a new registration either for your Master Account or a different ZoomSphere team.

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