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Main Community Management functions explained

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Optimize your social media community management with the ZoomSphere Community Management App. Simply integrate the app into your workspace and connect your essential social media channels.

If you're uncertain about creating new apps or getting started with ZoomSphere, refer to these helpful articles here.

Supported Channels

  • Facebook – Direct messages, Comments, Replies, Reviews, Mentions (mentioned by other FB pages only), Visitor posts

  • Twitter – Direct messages

  • LinkedIn Pages (not personal profiles) – Comments, Replies

  • Instagram – Organic post & Reels comments

  • YouTube – Video comments

  • Google My Business - Reviews


Upon successful app integration, incoming comments from your social media accounts smoothly synchronize into the left panel queue, ensuring a seamless and organized overview.

The comments from all connected social media channels are ordered chronologically from the newest to the oldest (the order can be changed).

All unresolved incoming messages are designated as "Open." Upon resolving a message or comment, it is automatically marked as "Closed" and removed from your Open queue. Switch between these status queues easily to revisit resolved comments as needed.

Queue Options

Effortlessly manage your inbox by refining message views using our advanced filters. Tailor your display by message type, source, date range, and chronological order (Least recent/Most recent) for a more streamlined and organized experience

Note: By default, the system will display incoming messages from the past ten days. If you wish to extend this date range, please use the filter.

Post Detail

Once you click on the comment in the queue, it will be opened in the middle panel – in the post detail. Here you can see the whole thread and context of the conversation, but most importantly you can reply to the comment and resolve it.

Message Actions

Hover over a comment with your mouse to reveal available actions.

  • Reply – publish your reply directly to the native platform

  • Assign – do you need to cooperate in a team? You can easily assign a comment to your team member

  • Note – leave an internal note at the conversation for better team cooperation

  • Tags – attach a tag to comment to analyze top topics that your clients discuss

  • Labels – each comment can be labeled with a sentiment information

  • Close/Archive - once the message is resolved, send it to the Closed inbox

​Resolving Comment/Message

Once you reply to your comment or want to resolve an incoming message without a reply, click on the tick button ✔️ . This way you close the comment and move it from the Open queue into the Close one.

Reply / Assign / Note

Feel free to respond directly, assign the message to a teammate, or add notes as needed.

User's Roles

Organize your team effectively by assigning roles — Manager, Operator, and Editor —each with distinct permissions tailored to their responsibilities. Learn more


Every user reaching out to you on your social media account triggers an automatic creation of a CRM record within the system.

Inside the CRM record, you'll discover a detailed history of conversations with the user, and you can augment it with additional user information, ensuring easy retrieval for future reference.

Effortlessly categorize your clients with CRM tags—assign existing tags or create new ones. 😉

Every incoming message from such a client will seamlessly include a tag in the comment detail.

Inbox Export

Streamline your workflow by exporting all your inbox messages to versatile XLS or HTML files. This feature enables you to efficiently organize and archive your communication data, providing flexibility in how you manage and analyze your inbox content. Learn more

Rules: Inbox Automation

Optimize your efficiency by configuring Rules; let ZoomSphere effortlessly manage your inbox. These Rules will adeptly label, tag, assign, close, or notify based on your specific requirements, streamlining your workflow. Learn more

Alerts & Export

Enter your email and choose your notification preferences: select tags for real-time updates or none for a daily summary sent to your email.


Unlock insights with our Community Management Statistic feature—your key to understanding engagement, growth, and interactions. Elevate your strategy with data-driven decisions for a stronger online presence. Learn more

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