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Each instance of the Community Management App is equipped with comprehensive data and reporting features, providing valuable insights into the performance of your team and channels.

The reporting functionality enables you to filter your data based on various parameters such as social media network, source, comment type, channels, tags, labels, and your preferred date range.

Daily Trend

Explore the daily volume of incoming comments/messages (traffic) within your selected date range, considering applied filters.

Share of Source

Gain insights into the total number of messages categorized by social media channel.

Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn Daily Trend

A daily number of incoming messages per social media platform.

TOP Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn Users

The most active users during your selected date for a given social media platform.

Tags & Labels

Assigned Labels and tags broken down by social media channel and by type.

Correlation between tags and labels.

Activity Log

A list of all users with key performance statistics. Click the user and see their activity in details.

Checks – number of closed comments
Answers – number of sent out-coming comments
Avg. Response time – average time it took to respond to an incoming comment
Post classification – number of used labels
Tags – number of used tags
Quality – average rating given by a manager

Response Time

Your team's average response time is broken down by defined time slots. Learn more

Daily Response Time Trend

Daily results of average response time.

Incoming Messages

The number of incoming messages broken down by time and week days.

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