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Are you interested in deep-dive competitors' analytics? Then Benchmarking App is what you are looking for! Get ahead and analyze how your competitors perform on Facebook and Instagram. 💪

Data Sources

Benchmarking App provides an excellent overview of the performance of:

1. External profiles

connect to the app by their URL (Facebook Pages, Instagram Business Accounts)

2. Internal profiles

→ profiles connected via the Master account

💡 Connect external profiles in the App Settings → Data Sources

💡 You can connect up to 50 social profiles

Supported channels

  • Facebook – publicly accessible data

  • Instagram – publicly accessible data

Look up your page on Facebook or Instagram, copy the page's URL, and add it to the App. Hit the Save button and check the results in the dashboard.

Data Overview – Public & Insights

The data are divided into Public metrics (external pages) and Insights metrics (for your internal pages).

You will get multiple graphs comparing the pages' performance.

  • Fans Trend

  • Page Storytellers

  • Page Posts

  • Page Interactions

  • The average number of interactions per fan

  • Interactions by Day of the Week

  • Interactions by Hour of the Day

  • Reaction by Types

  • TOP Hashtags by usage

  • Account Summary Table

Compare your results with the previous date range.

Download your data as an image, PDF, or EXCEL file.

Disable a specific page from the chart by clicking on it. This can help you better analyze the data. 👌

Or, use the zoom-in function. 🙂

Graph Info

  • Current – the data for the date range you set

  • Share – proportional percentage for the specific graph

  • Previous – results in the previous period (in this case, would be the previous date range – for example, the date range is half a year, previous is the other half of the year)

  • Difference – the current data compared to the previous data

Data History

ZoomSphere shows data for external and connected profiles accordingly:

External profiles

Connected profiles

Facebook: 2 years

Instagram: 2 years or 250 posts

LinkedIn: unsupported
Youtube: unsupported

Facebook: 2 years

Instagram: 2 years or 250 posts

LinkedIn: 1 year

Youtube: 4 years and more

This applies to external profiles in the Analytics app.

Followers Trend graph

The Fan's Trend data are being collected daily from the moment the social profile has been connected to ZoomSphere.

That means ZoomSphere cannot show Followers' data retroactively due to API limitations.

You can see when the social profiles were connected to ZoomSphere as the data are collected from that moment.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or our email 🙂

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