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Unlocking Efficiency with Scheduler's Activity Log

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Staying organized and efficient in the dynamic world of social media management is crucial. The Scheduler App understands this demand and offers a game-changing feature – the Activity Log.
The Scheduler's Activity Log meticulously records every change made in the calendar, including details such as time, date, and the user responsible for the change. It also keeps a record of all deleted posts.

Importantly, the visibility of the Activity Log varies based on each user's Scheduler Role. Users can only view changes relevant to their assigned post statuses, ensuring a tailored and secure access experience.

Furthermore, the Activity Log maintains its change log history for up to 60 days, providing a comprehensive yet time-sensitive record of calendar modifications.

Here's why the Activity Log is indispensable:

  1. Transparent Collaboration: Capture every action in creating, editing, and publishing posts, ensuring a unified and accountable team.

  2. Insightful Timeline: Review the chronological timeline of activities, gaining valuable insights into your content strategy's evolution.

  3. Effortless Troubleshooting: Identify and address issues with a meticulously documented log, turning it into your digital diagnostic tool.

  4. Enhanced Accountability: Attribute every action to specific team members, fostering responsibility and ownership.

  5. Client Reporting: Elevate client communication with transparent reporting, showcasing the meticulous planning and execution of their social media strategy.

In the symphony of social media scheduling, ZoomSphere Scheduler's Activity Log isn't just handy – it's the key to efficiency and client satisfaction. Unlock transparency, insights, and collaboration for a seamlessly managed social media experience.

Additionally: Post Activity & Post History

In the Scheduler app, in addition to the primary Activity Log, located in the calendar, there's the Post Activity Log and Post History available in the post detail.

The Post Activity Log thoroughly captures all edits and changes users make within each post. Furthermore, the Post History feature provides a visual record of post edits and user changes.

Importantly, both of these features maintain their change log history indefinitely. πŸ’‘

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