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Community Management: How To Download Your Inbox
Community Management: How To Download Your Inbox

How to export your inbox messages to XLS

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The Community Management app allows you to download all comments, conversation threads, and many more. πŸ˜‰

Download the report as an XLS file

In the Community Management app, you can export all your Inbox messages as an XLS file report. It's effortless and very easy – all you need to do is set a date range and other filters according to your needs and choose ALL messages in the Inbox. πŸ’‘

Once all the messages are loaded, click on the Export icon at the top-right corner, choose the XLS file, and download the report.

In your downloaded report, you will see all your messages at once.

Created – The date when the user created the message.
​Message – The content of the message.
​Username – User who wrote the message.
​Operator – Name of an Agent who has responded in ZoomSphere.
​Source – The source of the message.
​Message Type - Comment, Direct Message (dm), or Review.
​Label – Assigned label in ZoomSphere.
​Tags – Assigned tag in Zoomsphere.
​Parent – Indicates Direct Message conversation thread / Post / Comment/ Reply.
​Url Link – A URL link to the original comment, reply, or post.

How do I filter one particular DM conversation between one user and one agent?

Easy! Find the conversation thread in the Parent column.

Filter your conversation by finding the required Username and finding the correct Parent – DMs threads start with the letter T ( t_102213516646). Right-click the table and choose Filter Table by.

If you wish to select more than one type, right-click on the main table, choose Quick filter, and select required types.


How do I filter all the comments below one post?

First, add filters to your Inbox. Set the message type: Comments and pick the source, and don't forget to edit the time range. πŸ™‚

You can skip this part if you already have a report that includes all message types and the selected date range is correct too.

​Then download the messages as an XLS report.
In the report, find the post's text in the Parent column, right-click the table, and choose Filter Table by "text of the post."

​Please note, this quick filter will only show you comments, not their replies.
Like this, you can use quick filters and filter all sorts of information in your report.
You can filter all the messages one agent has sent, all comments one user wrote, all the messages with one Tag or Label, and many more...πŸ˜‰


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