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Understanding Facebook Link Posts and Their Benefits

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If you’re in the game of social media marketing (or just trying to up your personal brand), you’ve gotta know about Facebook Link Posts. These are not your average posts—they’re a super effective way to share content, drive traffic, and get people engaged. Let’s dive into what makes Link Posts so awesome and why you should be using them.

What’s a Facebook Link Post?

A Facebook Link Post is when you share a URL directly in your post. Facebook does its magic by pulling up a preview of the link, which usually includes an image, title, and a snippet of the content. You can add your own text above the preview to give it a personal touch.

How to Create a Facebook Link Post

Creating one is easy peasy:

  1. Create a new post and select your Facebook Page

  2. Choose "Text / Link Post" type

  3. Grab the URL: Copy the link you want to share.

  4. Paste it in Copy: Drop that link into the text field of the post.

  5. Customize Your Post: Facebook will auto-generate a preview. You can tweak the text, pick the best image, and even edit the title and description if you want.

  6. Remove the URL link from the copy and write it in the post copy.

  7. Schedule date and time: Choose when you want your post to go live.

  8. Publish: Confirm with the Approved status and hit Save.

Changing the Link Post Image

Once you verify the URL domain for your Facebook Page in the Business Manager, you can upload a custom image instead of the web preview. Learn more

Benefits of Link Posts

1. Boost Website Traffic

Link Posts are amazing for driving traffic to your site. When people click on the image or anywhere on the post, they’re taken straight to your webpage. Perfect for sharing blog posts, product pages, or any cool content you want people to check out.

2. Better Engagement

These posts can get people interacting. The link preview with an eye-catching image and headline grabs attention, making users more likely to click, like, comment, or share.

3. SEO Benefits

When your Link Posts get shared, you get those needed backlinks to your site. This can bump up your search engine ranking, making your content easier to find on Google and other search engines.

4. Build Trust and Credibility

Sharing valuable and relevant links shows your audience that you know your stuff. It helps you become a trusted source of information, which is gold for any brand or influencer.

5. Track Your Success

Facebook gives you detailed analytics for Link Posts. You can see how many people clicked, how far your post reached, and how much engagement it got. Use this data to tweak your strategy and make your posts even better.

6. Flexibility

Link Posts let you get creative. Customize the text to add some flair, choose the best images, and edit titles and descriptions to make them more click-worthy.


To really crush it with Link Posts, follow these tips:

  • Craft Killer Headlines: Make sure your headlines are catchy and make people want to click.

  • Use Awesome Images: Pick images that are eye-catching and relevant to the link.

  • Add Context: Write a short description or commentary to give some context and encourage clicks.

  • Be Consistent: Regularly share links to keep your audience engaged.

  • Analyze and Adjust: Keep an eye on your post’s performance and tweak your strategy based on what works.


Facebook Link Posts are a powerful tool to have in your social media toolkit. They can help you drive traffic, boost engagement, improve your SEO, and build trust with your audience. Plus, with Facebook’s analytics, you can continually refine your approach to get the best results.

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