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Scheduler: Boost your Facebook Posts
Scheduler: Boost your Facebook Posts

Learn how to boost your Facebook post before they go live!

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Boosting your Facebook posts can significantly enhance their reach and engagement. ZoomSphere simplifies this process by allowing you to plan and schedule boosted posts in advance using the unique Post ID provided once the post achieves the Approved status.

Follow these steps to make the most out of your boosted content:

Step 1: Create and Schedule Your Post

Begin by creating a Facebook post in the Scheduler App. You can choose any Facebook post type. Craft your post copy, attach any necessary media, and choose the desired posting date and time.

Step 2: Assign Approved Status

Once your post is approved and carries the Approved status, the post ID will become available to be copied.

Step 3: Copy the Post ID

Click the "Copy post ID" right under your Facebook post in Scheduler. The post copy will be automatically saved to your clipboard. This identifier is crucial for initiating the boosting process in the Ads Manager.

​Step 4: Access Facebook Ad Manager

Head over to Facebook Ads Manager in your Facebook Business account. Navigate to the "Advertise your Page" section.

Step 5: Choose the Ad Objective

Select the ad objective that aligns with your goals, whether it's increasing engagement, page likes, or website clicks.

→ When creating a New Ad Identity, choose Use Existing Post.

Step 6: Insert Your Post ID

Look for the "Use Existing Post" option in the Ad Creative section. Input the Post ID you noted earlier in ZoomSphere.

→ Now, click the "Enter Post ID" and paste the post ID saved from the Scheduler app.

Step 7: Review and Publish

Carefully review your boosted post settings, ensuring your audience, budget, and scheduling preferences are accurate. Once satisfied, click "Publish" to initiate the boost.

By leveraging ZoomSphere's Post ID feature, you can seamlessly plan and schedule your Facebook post boosts in advance, streamlining your social media management process. This method ensures timely and strategic promotions, maximizing the impact of your content.

Learn more about Facebook Dark Posts (promoted-only posts) and how to create them with ZoomSphere.

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