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New Master Account: Step-by-Step
New Master Account: Step-by-Step

Setup guide for new Master account owners

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Did you become the new Master Account of your ZoomSphere Team, and you don't know what to do? No worries, I got you.
Follow these steps:

  1. Link Facebook/LinkedIn Pages (& Instagram Accounts) to your Facebook/LinkedIn Account

  2. Manage your Team

  3. Manage your Apps

1. Link Facebook Pages (& Instagram Accounts) to your Facebook Account

Now, if the former owner of the Master account no longer works with the account, please link all the already connected Facebook Pages to your Facebook Account in order not to lose connection with your social media channels.

Open Master account Settings/ Social media channels. Then, you will see a connected Facebook account by the Page's name. That means this Facebook account controls this Page. πŸ’‘

If you wish to change the Facebook page to another Facebook account, click the three dots by the Facebook Page, click "Change linked account," and select the new Facebook account.

Once you link the Facebook pages to your Facebook Account, the Instagram accounts will automatically change as they are linked with the Facebook Page. πŸ’‘

At the same time, you can connect your Facebook pages or Instagram accounts that still need to be connected to the account. Just click "Add channel" and select Facebook/LinkedIn.

You will be redirected to Facebook, where you must allow ZoomSphere's permissions.

πŸ’‘ Please remember: All permissions must be enabled for ZoomSphere to work correctly.

Select all the channels you want to connect to your ZoomSphere account and hit "Continue."

Good job! You have successfully added your new social media channels. πŸ‘

4. Manage your Team

As a new Master account, you can manage your Teammates. To invite, remove, or change their access, etc. You can do that in the Users & Team settings.

Learn how to:

As a Master account, you can also switch to your Teammate's account in case your teammates have any trouble with their account.

You can also grant permission to users to install their apps, create Chat rooms, and access Report Builder.

5. Manage your Apps

As a Master account, you can install, remove, and edit apps. You can also create, remove, and archive Workspaces.

  • Workspace is a workplace where you install your ZoomSphere apps, such as Scheduler, Analytics, Notes, etc.

  • You can also create rooms in ZoomSphere Chat.

To learn more about your Master account, click here. πŸ“–

Do you have any questions? Let us know via the in-app chat! ✍️



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