What Is a Workspace?

Workspaces and their function

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Workspace is a place where you install your apps.
Work might be messy, and things get harder once you have much to do. Stay organized and split your work into different screens to find what you are looking for quickly.
You can sort the applications by your preference.

The best practice is to divide your apps into workspaces by your clients or by the functions (i.e., Analytics / Content / Care).


Apps are divided into Workspaces by clients.

The whole workspace is dedicated to one client with various apps.

Apps of the same type inside one workspace synchronize:

  • If you have many Schedulers inside one workspace and connect the same social media channels to them, you will see all the posts in all the Schedulers.

  • Labels for Scheduler, Monitoring, and Community Management App are set for each workspace separately (all apps inside one workspace will have the same labels).

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