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Scheduler: TikTok Automatic & Manual Publishing Requirements
Scheduler: TikTok Automatic & Manual Publishing Requirements

Everything you need to know about publishing to TikTok

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TikTok has over one billion monthly users, making it one of the fastest-growing social networks! It would be silly to underestimate its reach and value. Start publishing your content on TikTok to increase your brand awareness with millions of TikTokers. 😎

There are two ways to publish your TikTok videos in ZoomSphere:

  • Automatic publishing

  • Manual via ZoomSphere mobile app

Automatic Publishing

ZoomSphere will automatically publish your TikTok videos at the scheduled time once you approve your post with Approved status. ✅

  • Only TikTok Business accounts are supported for automatic publishing.

To auto-publish, the uploaded TikTok video needs to be completed. It is not possible to add fun extra TikTok effects, such as trendy songs, stickers, mentions, filters, etc., and it also needs to meet the technical requirements set by TikTok💡

Technical Requirements: Automatic publishing

  • TikTok Business account

  • Audio-video format: MP4, MOV or WEBM

  • Maximum video size: 1 GB

  • Video duration: 3 - 60 seconds

  • Frame rate: 23 FPS - 60 FPS

  • The minimum height and minimum width of the video must be 360 pixels

💡If your video exceeds one of the abovementioned requirements, auto-publishing will be disabled and manual publishing enabled instead. 💡

Manual Publishing

Manual publishing has many perks, such as adding extra fun effects, filters, stickers, and trendy songs that can make your video more entertaining, increasing your brand popularity. 🤩

Technical Requirements: Manual via ZS mobile app

  • Maximum video file size: 1 GB

  • Video Duration: 3 - 60 seconds

  • Formats: MP4, WebM, and MOV

  • Resolution: At least 540p

Should you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or our email at

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