The Monitoring App can monitor the keywords on the web, Facebook and Twitter. However, not on Instagram and LinkedIn because these two apps don't allow a full-text search in general.
Therefore, connecting Instagram and LinkedIn profiles as external data sources is not even possible.


It is technically impossible to monitor the whole Facebook. We only monitor Facebook Pages connected (internally and externally) to ZoomSphere across all our teams - approximately 50-60K Facebook Pages and growing every day. 😉
The App monitors Facebook Pages, comments, posts, and searches for mentions in their content.

💡 It is not possible to monitor Facebook Groups and personal Facebook Profiles due to Facebook limitations.


Twitter API supports keyword search, which allows searching the whole Twitter! 😎


The Monitoring app can also search free websites and forums, but some resources may be missing in our database. Our database contains approximately 10K of websites.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or our email 🙂

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