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How to Switch Instagram to a Professional Account
How to Switch Instagram to a Professional Account

Instagram has three kinds of accounts – personal, creator and business. Learn how to switch to a business account.

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Instagram has two types of accounts – personal and professional (creator and business).

👉 Important: Only professional accounts can be connected to ZoomSphere.

So, to connect an Instagram account to ZoomSphere, it's necessary to switch to a Professional Account.

You can set this up directly in the native Instagram mobile app or the desktop version.

👉 Go to your Instagram account and click on the menu Settings and privacy Account type and tools Switch to professional account.

Then choose Set as Business or Creator Account Switch → Done

Once you have chosen Professional Account, you will be taken through a little tour introducing the account options and possibilities.

Select a Category of your business area and hit the button Done.
That's it! 😉

Business vs. Creator Instagram Account

Business Account

Creator Account

For brands, businesses, retailers, organizations, and service providers

For influencers, public figures, and creators

Call-to-action buttons (email address, phone)

Call-to-action buttons (email address, phone)

Additional call-to-action buttons (book appointment, contact, reserve, location, order)

Additional call-to-action buttons (book now, reserve)

Instagram API support

Instagram API support

Auto-publishing for Stories unavailable

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