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Getting Started with ZoomSphere
3 Simple Steps to Start with ZoomSphere
3 Simple Steps to Start with ZoomSphere

How to start using ZoomSphere in three simple steps

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Exploring new tools can sometimes be overwhelming, mainly when so many features exist! Let me help you make things easier and show you three simple steps.

1. Connect Social Media Channels

First, ZoomSphere is only fun with connected social channels.

If you haven't connected your channels during the registration, go to Settings — Social Media Channels, click the red "Add channel" button and select the social media channel you wish to connect, for instance, your Facebook Page, by clicking the "Connect" button.

You'll be redirected to your Facebook account, where you'll authorize ZoomSphere to manage your Facebook Page. From there, you can seamlessly select and connect all your Facebook Pages to your ZoomSphere account.

​2. Activate & Install Apps

Now you can go "shopping" in the App Store. There, you have seven apps ready for your 14-day free trial. Start the trial for any of them (or all). Later, you can purchase them.

Once you activate the app, for example, the Scheduler, you can install it into your workspace as many times as you need. There is no limit.

Once you have installed everything, you can enjoy ZoomSphere to the fullest.

The last step is to connect the social media accounts to specific apps – for example:

  • you can create two Scheduler apps and use one for your Instagram account and the second one for a Facebook page,

  • you can use one Scheduler for both FB and IG (you add both in the Data Sources tab in the settings).

Choose at least one of your connected social media channels in the app's settings from the "Data sources," and you are good to go!​

3. Invite Team

Invite as many users to your Team. Open Settings – Users & Team – and click "Create User."

Fill in the user info, and grant them access to connected social channels by assigning them a Scheduler and Community Management role. Then, share your apps with them and send them an invitation as the last step. ✔️

Learn more:
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Don't worry if you need help setting things up; we will gladly help you.

Contact us via the in-app chat or our email 🙂

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