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Master Account: How to Connect X/Twitter Account
Master Account: How to Connect X/Twitter Account

Connecting Twitter account to ZoomSphere step-by-step

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To connect your X/Twitter account to ZoomSphere, you must know the login details, such as the username + password.

Access your Master account Settings / Social media channels (ensure you are logged in to your Twitter account in your browser), click the red plus "Add channel" button, and select X/Twitter.

You will get redirected to Twitter, where you need to authorize ZoomSphere to access your account by clicking the "Authorize app."

Once authorized, your Twitter account will be connected to your ZoomSphere account.

Next, open Users & Team settings and grant Teammates access to the new Twitter account. Open the Access & Roles tab, select the new Twitter account so that it turns blue, and hit "Save."

After that, connect your Twitter account to your Apps in the App SettingsData Sources – again, so that it turns blue.

And done! ✔️

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