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Learn more about labeling your posts in Scheduler App to get valuable insights.

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Labels, as a strategic tool in content management, provide a powerful means to extract valuable insights from your published posts.

When creating/editing your posts, select a label from a drop-down menu and assign it to your post.

Default labels can be customized according to your needs in Master Account Settings – Workspace settings.

Once saved, the visibility of labels in the calendar view allows for convenient post-filtering based on specified criteria. This enables you to effortlessly export your calendar view results to PDF or Excel files for further analysis and documentation.

Track Labeled Posts in the Analytics App

After labeling and publishing posts in Scheduler, you can track their performance using the Analytics App:

  1. Open the Analytics App

  2. Select the specific page where the labeled posts were published

  3. Navigate to the 'Page Posts' section or Post Level Stats

In these sections, explore the Admin posts per label graph, offering an overview of post types published within your selected date range. Furthermore, you can filter posts by labels, facilitating the sorting of results to assess their success.

Label Settings

Customize existing labels or create new ones in the Master Account by accessing Workspace settings. Remember that changes may take up to 10 minutes to apply after saving. πŸ•

​Note that labels are applied to the entire workspace.

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