The place, in your ZoomSphere account, where individual Apps (tiles) are located. The number of Workspaces and Apps is not limited.


A single tile in ZoomSphere

App types

Scheduler – Publication Calendar
Community Management – Manage comments and messages from social networks
Monitoring Tool – Monitoring of external resources and keywords
Analytics – Analytics app
Benchmarking Tool – Comparing competitive site data
Workflow Manager – A Kanban-style productivity app

Leads Manager – Facebook leads management app

You can create multiple apps across the Workspaces. For example, one Scheduler for each brand in your portfolio.

Workspace Setup

  • Add a new Workspace for your client

  • Set up, edit and personalize labels for Community Management and Monitoring Apps and separately for the Scheduler App

Once you finish setting up a Workspace, start adding some Apps.

Reorganize your Workspace easily by dragging and dropping your App tiles. This will give your Workspace an organized look.

At any point, you can Rename, Edit, or Delete the whole Workspace or App.

You can also archive a whole workspaceread more here.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or on our email 🙂

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