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ZoomSphere has a new app and it's free of charge!

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Whenever you need to write something down, the Notes app is here. And it's free of charge! It's an app with unlimited possibilities. Get creative! 🎨

Take notes from your meetings, store and work on your ideas, save your client's contact info, write your future plans down – and share it with teammates.

Finally, you can work together on texts and projects and have everything in one place. No need to switch anywhere else.

We used a simple design to make it as comfortable as possible. It's also fast because you can use the app with practical commands. You can add to-do lists, numbered lists, images, and emojis, choose from multi-column layouts, and much more!

Key Features:

  1. Multi-column Layout:

    • Organize your thoughts efficiently with a multi-column layout, offering a visually appealing and structured workspace.

  2. Drag & Drop Functionality:

    • Simplify the note-taking process by effortlessly rearranging content through intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities.

  3. Versatile Lists:

    • Tailor your notes with a variety of list options, including numbered lists, bulleted lists, and interactive to-do lists for seamless task management.

  4. Dynamic Headings:

    • Create hierarchy and improve readability with customizable headings, allowing you to structure your content effortlessly.

  5. Image Integration:

    • Enhance your notes with visual context by inserting images directly into your workspace, providing a more comprehensive and engaging experience.

  6. Quotation Formatting:

    • Highlight important text using the quote feature, allowing you to emphasize key insights or reference external sources within your notes.

  7. Code Capture:

    • Capture and preserve code snippets seamlessly with a dedicated code feature catering to developers and tech enthusiasts.

  8. Emoji Integration:

    • Add a touch of personalization and expressiveness to your notes by incorporating emojis, bringing a dynamic and lively aspect to your content.

  9. Interactive Comments:

    • Foster collaboration and discussion within your notes through an interactive commenting system, facilitating seamless communication with team members.

  10. Effortless Export:

    • Ensure flexibility with easy data management by exporting your notes, providing the convenience to share or archive your valuable content as needed.

Tips πŸ’‘

You can just start typing or click on the plus button (or type "/") to select what you want to add: Heading 1 or 2, List, Image, Columns...

Multi-column Layout

You can select many types of layouts from the command menu or just create your own by dragging blocks and moving them around as you wish.


We implemented the easiest way to use emojis – just type a colon and follow with what you are looking for!


Once you add an image, click the settings menu on the right-top corner and choose further formatting.

Drag to move

You can drag any block of text or images to move it and change its position.

Notes is such a useful and effective app, especially if you use Workspaces to organize your work.

You can use workspaces to separate your clients, brands, or products and create one or even many Notes apps in each of these. This way, you keep everything organized and always at hand.

What can you do/create in Notes?

  1. write down your social media strategy

  2. discuss your notes with your teammates in the comments sections

  3. create & approve video scripts

  4. notes from meetings

  5. email templates

  6. saved replies for customer support

  7. mood-boards

  8. notes of your ideas

  9. to-do lists

  10. plans for next month

  11. blog articles drafts

  12. feature requests storage

  13. saved hashtags for social media

  14. client's contact book

  15. organizer for projects

And many more! Learn more about the benefits of the Notes App here. πŸ“–

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