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I cannot add a YouTube Channel. Why?
I cannot add a YouTube Channel. Why?

Having trouble adding your YT channel because it's not showing up in the list?

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To add a YouTube brand account to ZoomSphere, please ensure you have a Manager role on YouTube.πŸ’‘

Invited users can't add accounts due to YouTube API restrictions. However, you can add channels directly under your Google account or any channels managed under brand accounts linked to your Google account. Learn more about managing YouTube channels here. πŸ‘ˆ

How can I set up a Brand Account?

Go to your Account settings and click on Add or manage your channel(s).

Click on + Create a channel.

To get your channel up and running, just type in a name and hit "Create." This will successfully set up your Brand Account. βœ…

Do you already have content on your YT channel that isn't a Brand Account?

No worries. You can switch your YT channel to a brand account. 😊 Just go to the Advanced settings of your YouTube channel and click on Move channel to a brand account.

Choose the account that you want to move to from the list on your screen. If the account you choose is already associated with a YouTube channel, click Replace.

πŸ’‘ Moving your Brand Account to another is a process you can complete yourself, but it should only be done if necessary. You can risk deleting the wrong channel if a transfer is done incorrectly. To avoid this mistake, check that you’re in the Google Account associated with the channel you want to move.

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