Do you need to note that you have to pin a post on a specific day, reshare a post to another profile, set a page cover, organize profile highlights, or set aside time to engage with your fans? 🤩

👉 Exactly for these purposes, we have extended the Scheduler with the possibility of writing down simple ☑️ tasks, which will make your social media management even more efficient. 💪

Say goodbye to chaotic planning. 👋

Creating a Task

Create a new task as if you want to create a new post or idea.

Enter the task description 👇

And assign a person responsible for the task execution, or keep it Unassigned if it is a team task.

No tasks for your Client

If enabled, Internal team only, the task will only be visible to Teammates with Admin & Editor roles and hidden from the Client role.

Then hit the Save button. All done! 👇

Move tasks to a different day by drag & drop.

Completed Tasks

When completed, don't forget to check it off. ✅
👉 Only the author or the assigned person can do so. 💡

If you haven't created the task, nor is it assigned to you, you will not be able to make any edits. 💡

Removing a Task

Tap the three dots next to the task and click Remove.

👉 Only its author can remove the task. 💡

💡 Tips: Keep it short

You should keep your Scheduler tasks short; each can be up to 160 characters long.

Best practices?

Find a few use cases below. 👇

Do you have any questions? Let us know via our chat. ✍️

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