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How to mention an Instagram account in your post

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Boost your social media marketing by mentioning other Instagram accounts in your posts! Type "@" and the account username in the Scheduler App when creating an Instagram post.

Note that, unlike other platforms, there won't be a list, and the @username won't change color. Still, the mention becomes active once the post is live, so use the correct username. πŸ’‘

How to mention an Instagram account:

1) Open Instagram and search for the account you'd like to mention. Copy the account's username in your browser or mobile application.

2) When creating an Instagram post in the Scheduler app, type "@" and paste the copied username to the post caption.

The @username won't turn blue in ZoomSphere, but only on Instagram. πŸ’‘

3) When published, the mention will turn blue, indicating that the mention has been successful. βœ”οΈ

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