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How to use mentions for Facebook in ZoomSphere

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It's good to interact with other pages and let the world know about your cooperation. πŸ˜‰

When adding a text to the post in ZoomSphere, just type "@" and follow with the page username, then choose it from the list that will show up.

How to mention another Facebook page:

1) Open Facebook, search for the page you'd like to mention and copy the page username from the end of the URL. πŸ‘‡

2) When creating a Facebook post in the Scheduler app, type "@" and paste the copied username to the post caption – for instance, @zoomsphere.

Once the page shows up in the list, select it, and the mention will turn blue.

πŸ’‘ Please note that it is impossible to mention Facebook personal accounts due to API limitations.

When published, the mention is blue and linked to the mentioned Facebook Page.

Note: It's not possible to mention personal Facebook accounts or Facebook groups due to the limitations of the Facebook API. πŸ’‘

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