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How to mention TikTok account in your post

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Include another TikTok account in your post as part of essential social media marketing, amplifying awareness for your products and brands. πŸ™πŸ˜Š

While crafting your post in the ZoomSphere Scheduler App, you can mention another TikTok account using "@" followed by the account's username.

Apart from other social platforms, no list for account selection will appear, and the text won't shift to blue immediately. But don't worry! After publishing the post on TikTok, the mention will be seamlessly hyperlinked with the TikTok account. Just make sure you are typing the complete and accurate account name.πŸ‘Œ

How to mention an account

1) Open TikTok and search for the account you'd like to mention.πŸ‘‡

2) Find and copy the account's username, for example, @prima_veera, and add it to the Caption section in the Scheduler when planning the TikTok post. βœ”οΈ

Note that the @username won't turn blue in ZoomSphere but only on TikTok.πŸ’‘

4) When published, the mentioned TikTok account turns blue and is successfully hyperlinked with the TikTok account, indicating that everything is working correctly with your mention.πŸ‘‡

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